Looking for a job in china but dont have a degree or high school but got my TESOL

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Hi everybody, my name is Christian Concepcion and I completed the foundation TESOL in September 2009. I have been actively looking for a teaching position in China but cant seem to land anything. I am getting very frustrated because before I enrolled into the course Jim had assured me that I would find a job even without a degree or high school diploma. I have even considered packing up all my worldly possessions and heading to China and try tyo luck it out. If anyone out there has any advice or information that I could benefit from please dont hold back email me @ concepcion686@live.com
Thanks Much Guys!
hmmm...not even a HS diploma? Unless you have an outstanding grasp of the English language and a couple yrs of teaching experience, your chances of landing a teaching job is slim to nil. I'm sorry to say this but you are better off working minimum wage at Macd. Even if you do land a teaching job, its probably in the most northern and bleak areas of China (like up in the mountains or something). Anyways, good luck.
I must agree you need a min of High School ur TESOL will open the door but not without a High School diploma. Get that ASAP!

If u come here as in China where I am with my TESOL + High School you will get a job 4 sure.

Good luck.
Global TESOL College policy states you MUST have a minimum high school diploma in order to be offered the job guarantee. I would suggest checking out sites like Service Canada (http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/) to acquire information on how to upgrade your high school or obtain a high school equivalency (GED).

My friend did this:
1-Go to local community college and ask for GED information
2-Investigate GED preparation-
3-Purchase any necessary study manuals recommended from College
4-Take EVERY practice exam possible. Score your exams. If you receive a score of 80% or less, go back and figure out where you are going wrong. Re-study until you are able to take every practice exam at a score of 80% or higher
5-My friend said that the practice exams are VERY similar to the actual questions on the test
6-Follow any instructions the college gives you in order to take test
7-Remember, even if you have a graduation level in SOME subjects (ex - Grade 12 math completed and passed) You STILL HAVE TO COMPLETE ENTIRE FULL EXAM WITH ALL SUBJECTS!!!!
8-Take the GED test! (there is a fee) but once you receive your passing grade, you will be so proud of your accomplishment and will never have the looming "No high-school diploma" to hold you back EVER AGAIN!

I hope this helps! Remember, even if you feel discouraged, Education is ALWAYS beneficial. Be brave and challenge yourself to be better and do better. Use our grad forums if you get stuck, we have lots of educated student who are very helpful in several subjects. I'm sure we are a VERY SUPPORTIVE community!

Best of luck!

this recruiting firm has a lot of jobs across china
try talking to them
Christian - a lot of people without post-secondary education are told they'll have no problem finding a job when they sign up for TESOL. Believe me when I say that this is not true. I think it's sad that some people pay so much money for the course, only to find themselves turned down by every school they apply to.

I have a BA, but my best friend doesn't, and it took us months to find a school that would hire us both, even in China (and we, of course, were promised finding a job would be easy as pie). The school that did end up hiring us created a fake degree for my friend (something I didn't know they would be doing until we were already in China). I loved the TESOL course and would recommend it to anyone, but the fact that they downplay how essential it is to have a degree left a seriously bad taste in my mouth.

That said... if you are interested in teaching in icy northeastern China, send me a message and I'll see if anything is available! barbrrrra@hotmail.com
Hey Christian,

Here are the facts:

- I was told I could find a job without a degree no problem, even in great cities like Shanghai and Beijing - LIE

- I was also told that being Asian (even though I was born in Canada) would not affect the process - LIE

Schools won't waste their time with someone who only has TESOL and they won't look twice if you don't have a HS diploma.

Think of it this way: education in China is HUGE. Students spend their full-day, weekends, holidays and everything else you can think of studying. There's no such thing as a break or holiday here. Hiring a teacher with less education than the students you could be teaching just won't happen.

If you don't mind me asking, what's your Native background? I'm Vietnamese myself and I finally found a job in China, but it took months (waaaaaay too long) and I ended up in a city that drops to about -20 in the winter. It's not horrible, but it's for sure not what I expected before taking the course.

TESOL was a good experience, but I would take anything the instructors or representatives say with a grain of salt. After all, they get their paycheck by signing up more students. I found this out the hard way.

Your only hope in finding a job without a degree would involve flying here yourself and trying to land a position by convincing them you're good enough. This will be hard since China isn't Canada and things are dealt with differently here. Make a friend in China who may be able to at least get your foot in the door.

E-mail me at: shellyyy.vo@gmail.com if you have more questions, unlike the TESOL reps I'll be honest with you.
i agree the Global shold stop telling people without a degree that they can easily get a job anywhere. it just isn´t so even if you have a Diploma from a secondary college with more hands on activities than some obscure degree that has nothing to do with teaching..very frustrated and won´t recommend Global to any one.
I truly, truly believe that having a degree should be a requirement before you even sign up for TESOL. I also think the instructors need to exercise a bit more discretion when signing up students... there was more than one student in my class whose English was less than perfect.

The impression the course left with me is that anyone and everyone can get a teaching job abroad. What they neglected to mention is that in almost all countries, a BA is a legal requirement to obtain a working Visa (yes, China too), that you will be dismissed by employers if you sound as though English is not your native language, and that if you have an even remotely Asian appearance (even if you were born and raised in Canada), finding a job will be exceedingly difficult (hiring teachers has so much to do with the image you'll be projecting to students' parents). I've heard of several cases of qualified teachers not finding employment because they are 40+.

Sadly, it's a very specific demographic schools are looking for - young, educated, and caucasian. (Of course, there are schools willing to broaden their concept of what an acceptable teacher looks like, but in my experience (in China) luxuries such as equal rights just don't exist).

For myself, taking the TESOL course was great and I've been teaching some of the cutest kids in China since February of this year, but for others I've spoken with, their TESOL instructor was less than upfront with them, and now they're jobless and $1000 poorer. I just think TESOL needs to act a bit more responsibly is all.
however well intentioned, at the end of the day Tesol College is still 'a business' and earns its income from enrollment.

when dealing with any investment, do your own research from multiple sources and dont take everything said at face value. nobody can 'guarantee' you a third party job unless they offer you the signed contract themselves.

i still recommend Tesol to my friends but with some cautions. such as, even with a BA, we are still 'entry level', competing against licenced public school teachers, and certain countries will not look at our applications without more classroom experience, particularly the high paying jobs in the middle east, which is where we all want to go! :)

so they have to be realistic about which countries they can start with at entry level and how they will build their experience to get them to the destinations they ultimately want.