Looking for non native speakers teaching abroad !!

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Hello everybody,my name is Barbara Beroth,I hold a BA in Languages English/ Portuguese, and my TESOL certificate, and,even though I am a fluent speaker, have been finding it difficult to get a placement for being a non native speaker. So, my question is: any non native speakers teaching abroad right now? can anyone tell me which ones could be the best coutries for a non native to apply, any kind of help would be much appreciated!!
My email is: babiberoth@hotmail.com
Thanks in advance,
Hi Barbara,

Although I am a native speaker, I am working in China currently and there are a large number of non native English speakers teaching here.
China is always desperate for English teachers, and sometimes native speakers aren't available, so the next best option is a fluent non native (and non chinese) teacher. If you want help finding a job in China, I can put you in touch with someone who can help you. You would hav no problems obtaining a job here.

Try South Korea, they don't discriminate

as long as you are fluent in English and have the necessary paper work to apply for a working Visa (i.e. Uni degree, clean criminal record) then you are fine.

I also have that problem.
Being fluent English speaker, lived here practically most of my life, but not born here.
Please, email me: dagsla27@gmail.com

Tx, Dagmar
hey Kiran,thanks for taking the time to help me out,really appreciate that. can you tell me where in China exactly are you? And, yes,I'd love to get in touch with this person that could help me with my job search!
Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you!
I f you want to email me, as i don't check this site so often, my email is babiberoth@hotmail.com

Thank you from Global TESOL College for your assistance with graduates. Your enthusiasm to offer help is very appreciated by all of us at Head Office. If you ever need a great reference letter, we are here for you!