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Hey I was just wondering if any of you wonderful people out there new how to go about working in Poland. Do I just need a Work visa or could I get by with having a Eu passport.
Hi Benjamin :)

As far as I know to work any place in Europe you need a EU passport unless the school tells you in writing that they will help you with the VISA as in send you an Invitation letter.

If your parents are European born you can get your EU passport because this is dual citezenship for you :) you get the EU passport in the country you where born in with the supporting doc's of your parent/s ie: Birth Certificate and EU Passport + the same doc's for you.

Hope this helps :)

Hey Linda!
thanks a lot for the info, now I was also wondering about if there are teaching jobs in existence that do not require a BA. I have been searching online as well as applying (to countries that do not require one.) I get as far as the telephone interview with employers. They seem eager to hire me ....untill of course they ask if I went to University. Now I do have teaching experience (as an educational assistant for an elementary school) but this isen't enough for them. If anyone out there knows of any schools that don't require a University degree to hire it would help me out a great deal.


This is pretty standard and normal practice. Many grads have gone through a similar process. Take each phone call as a practice for what the next employer will ask. Your next step is to find a recruiter that will know the right schools to apply to who have hired Global TESOL College's teacher's before without a diploma. I also wanted to make a personal comment, that your profile picture seems like an interesting choice for a future teacher! I'm sure you are not showing your future employers "that side of you" right!!! Just Joking ;)

You'll be fine, just stay persistent. The fruit gets sweeter with a little patience!
Hi Ben, there were some previous posts on the forum about getting hired without a degree, go back and check, it is possible.

Zoie was being very diplomatic, drop the picture on your ID.
I can tell you that it will be much easier to find a job without a degree if you are already there. Although I have a degree and my TESOL certification, I was unable to secure a job in Prague from America. I finally just bought my one way ticket and managed to find a job within a week of arriving. I think they are more nervous of you not being serious if they don't get to meet you in person. Its definitely more difficult without a degree, but if you can charm them in person, it will greatly increase your chances. There was one teacher at my school in Prague, Lingua Viva Language Academy, that did not have a degree. So it is possible.
As for an EU passport, I don't necessarily know about Poland, but I can tell you it posed no problem to me in the Czech Republic. And there were tons of jobs in Prague. Have a look at for jobs there if you at least want to get close to Poland.

You've become an angel!!! Nice profile picture! Keep in touch. Hope things are going great!