Recruiter for China!!

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Hello students and graduates!

Below is some info for a recruiter in China! He has been in touch with our head office and is eager to fill hundreds of positions!! The following are the basic standard when schools look for teachers (China has and is changing their laws so this is updated), this isn't the case for all jobs, but standard for ease of finding employment:
*should have 2 years work experience
*age between 22-60 (25 - 45 preferred by most schools)
*college diploma (starting to become a requirement)
*TESOL certificate
*reference letter if applicable
*copy of passport
*recent photo

***again this is just a basic standard of what most schools are asking for, there are still exceptions***

Greetings from China! My name is Eamon Dou, CEO of ESL Dandelion PRC, an organization which aims to introduce native English teachers to work in China.

As is known to all, there is a great demand of English foreign teachers owing to the rapid growth of China's economy. We would like to invite you, if possible, to come and teach in China as well as learning more about this mysterious and fast-growing country. We will be very appreciative if you can pass the info to your friends, colleagues, relatives that China is in urgent need of many ESL teachers.

Currently I have around 500 vacancies for native English teachers in universities and language training institutions all over China but the teachers I have are far from enough.

Followings are the things we can do in order to make everything legal and guaranteed for the native English teachers:

1. Work together with the school for the resume evaluation and the international phone interview.
2. Send official contract from the school for which you can apply for a working visa before entering China .
3. Confirm all details of the contract including free accommodation, work-load, salary, reimbursement of round-trip ticket, travel allowance and other benefits.
4. Arrange travel routine to your future school and airport pick-up.
5. Help you choose the location and the school that you want to teach and stay. We can also help you transfer jobs to the cities you like when you finish your contract. This is a great chance to travel while teaching in China .

Please notice that all these services are provided for free because we aim to
1. help Chinese students get more chances to learn the most idiomatic language from the native speakers.
2. let the world know more about China .
3. provide the student members a chance to practice English.

Lastly, if any of your teachers are interested in teaching China, please don't hesitate to contact us. Resumes with detailed contact info is welcome at any time.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and kindness with the world. We welcome you to travel or teach in China all the time.

Sincerely yours,

China is a rapidly developing country. The whole nation is gearing up for globalization and everybody’s starting to learn the English language. Thus, foreign English teachers are very much in demand. Interested? We suggest you consult the chart above to see what awaits a foreign ESL teacher here in China . For inquiries, email or

Please be reminded that all our services are provided free of charge to all English native speakers.