Anyone debating on taking this course?

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Hello everyone.

For anyone who is asking themselves this question like I was, " Should I take this course?" I would like to share my story with you.

I had been looking into taking this course for around 3 years. I knew it looked amazing, but I guess I just didn't have the push ( Or funds laying around to do so) Also, there wasn't an in-class course offered in my area. I'm from Chilliwack B.C. close to Vancouver. So I waited and waited and was stuck at small jobs that I was not happy at, for 3 years. Then one day I was browsing on this website again, and I saw a post saying " Jim's TESOL Toronto course was the best investment that I ever made" Written by a Lady named Shanda. So it caught my interest and I read the beautiful story she wrote, and I knew I wanted to take this course from this teacher, Jim.

So for me to go to Toronto, I had to save up some serious money. I went through a month of "Hell" doing delivery work in blizzards, 13 hours a day, 6 days a week, ect. It was just extremely awful. I was beginning to doubt that ANYTHING was worth what I had to go through to make the money.
So I did it, and arrived in Toronto. Long story short, I could not agree with Shanda more. The teacher was absolutely amazing, the course was amazing, and the people I met in the course were amazing. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I never saw before, it confronted old hurts buried inside me, and turned them into positive change. My look on the world and my potential will never be the same. I ended the course feeling simply invincible, and wishing the course did not end yet.

The teacher, Jim Pellegrini, was all and more than you could ask for in a teacher. I can confidentially say that he has the power to affect anyones life, in a positive way. I would have taken this course from him, even if it was only offered in Japan!
( I'm sure that the other teachers in the different locations are amazing to!)

This course for me was not only about teaching english, it was about a whole new outlook on life, with new options I never even dreamed of before. It brought me out of my shell, which is what needed to happen for positive change in my life. I really, could not have asked for anything more from this course. I feel like the world is my oyster, and it is an amazing feeling. I encourage you to take the step I did and to stop saying, " Should I or Shouldn't I?"
You will not regret it.

Kristi McMullan
Way to go, Kristi!

So many people in our class (myself included) were completely terrified of teaching...but by the end of the 5 days, we collectively realized: "YES, we CAN do it. We absolutely can!"

I'll be completely honest and say that the course was brutal at challenged me in so many ways, like it did for you. But I'm so happy I did it. There was nothing but positivity from our teacher Jim, the other students, and now from potential employers. Everyone wants us to succeed...and we will!!

LISTEN TO KRISTI. She knows whereof she speaks.

The #1 skill this course teaches is confidence. Confidence in yourself that you CAN teach. Watching myself and my classmates transform from a group of shy strangers into self-assured teachers in five days was nothing short of astounding. Jim creates a comfortable and open environment, which allowed us all to open up and realize our potential.

Don't sit on the fence and get a sore posterior! Take this course and it'll change your life.

Way to go! :D
I have to agree, I'm in Beijing 3 days now :) Its crazy here but so far so good, yes its scarry, yes its exciting and yes jet lag will get ya lol get used to it and carry on! I'm in training now with my school and will be teaching soon there after.

Anything is possible if ur Heart & mind are in it!

Fly from the nest trust me you will not fall ;)

All the best

A message from Global TESOL College Staff:

WOW! Thank you so much everybody for the positive feedback. The staff at head office want to wish you all a huge CONGRATULATIONS for pursuing your passion and making it happen. We love to hear all your stories and feel grateful to have supplied the world with some of the most beautiful interesting and truly caring teachers. Your work and dedication in teaching helps everyone in the world because education pushes us forward and unites our global community.

With Appreciation to the students and graduates of GTC,
Best of Luck in all your Endeavors!
I took the course with Kristi and boy oh boy what a change I saw in our group that was taught by Jim. Jim is great and timing is essentail in making the decision in taking the first step..

Change can happen but you have to take the first step.

I took the course 7 years ago in Edmonton and it literally changed my life.

Money also was an issue for me, as I was living check to check, even though I had a "good job". I struggled for 3 months to work as much overtime as possible to pay off all my huge debts, took the last 1000 bucks, took the course, and 2 weeks later (due to waiting for passport and shots) I was on a plane to a new life.

I have never been so happy and healthy and it is all due to Global TESOL showing me that I COULD do it, and here I am still doing it and enjoying a quality of life I never before experienced.

Oh yeah, I also now speak Mandarin..... How frickin cool is that?!?!?!