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So I just found out that my interview with EPIK was successful and I am in the process in gathering up all the visa documents.

I thought that sharing my experiences about the interview would be helpful for those who are also expecting one from EPIK.

First they will confirm some of the information from your application form such as spelling out your full name, address, place of birth, and GPA.

Second comes the main interview questions. Here are some of the things that they asked about:
- Why interested in teaching ESL
- Why you chose Korea
- Why with EPIK
- What do you know most about the culture in Korea
- Are you flexible to choose to work in rural as well as city
- What I chose to work in the city
- What makes a good teacher
- Why would you be a great teacher
- What would you do if your co-teacher is not cooperating
- What are your short/long term goals
- Why did you choose what you majored in University
- How did the time spent in University prepare you to be a good teacher/a teaching position

That's all I could remember. My interview took about 35 mins but many others have said it took 20 mins. Maybe because I'm Asian and they wanted to make sure my English was fluent.

Good luck to those applying with EPIK!!
Great news Ryan!!! Congratulations and a big thanks for sharing! Enjoy celebrating this weekend. :)

I have been accepted into EPIK too but I found my interview totally different from your comments and what I was advised the interview would be like

My recruiter told me they would pretty much follow the application form and just verify the information provided. With me, because I have 12 years professional work experience non-teaching, they came up with a totally different questions

- they were very curious about my work background
- why do I think I can teach
- why I wanted to change to teaching
- was I going to go back into my profession after a year
- why specificaly Korea over any other country
- why I chose the city that I did
- questions about classroom discipline and slow learners
- what if I dont get along with my co-teacher
- why I chose the epik program
- what my teaching philosophy is
- give an example of when you had culture shock

I found it a bit tough but did the best that I could. I'm sure they skewed my interview because of my professional background and you could tell he had thought through his questions. It was at least 40 mins at 2 in the morning! I think if someone is a recent university grad they will get the simple 20 minute interview.

Fortunately I did ok, but I really didnt know after that interview for a while.

I have already FedEx'd all my docs !!! :-)
my recruiter said they will do a mass reply around July
yup..good to hear that you got accepted too

i guess the interview depends on your background and how you answer the questions. They will often ask questions relating to your answers, which happened to me.
are you based out of Toronto?
we could be going on the same flight then :)

I put Daegu as my first choice
where are u planning to go?
I live in Richmond Hill

I put Busan as my first choice but I will probably be located some other city, hopefully, as i know Busan is highy competitive.
Any idea if epik is still hiring?
Alan, I believe there may still be room in epik as recruiters are still trying to get my to sign up with them
I went thru asknow.ca, he is a canadian guy in korea
dont send multiple applications to different recruiters as you will get logged twice and both applications will get rejected

Ryan, we should probably hook up closer to the time as we will be going on the same flight to the orientation. Busan is popular with surfers so I stayed away. Daegu is only 1 hour away. I should have put Daegon as my 2nd choice, instead i put Gwangji without doing much research! :)
I have heard back from Epik that I am a sucessful candidate and will be getting my contract by the end of June. My recruiter says looks like I got my first choice city of Daegu

Has anyone else heard back from Epik yet or near Toronto? we might all be going on the same flight to the orientation third week of august


Global TESOL College wants to acknowledge how proud we are of your journey. Looks like your hard work is paying off! Congratulations! WELCOME TO THE WORLD!