Any connections to Hong Kong teaching Jobs?

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Hello all! My name is Jena and my partner Gavin & I have been actively looking for teaching jobs in Hong Kong. We've applied to all posts on here but no success yet- if you have a connection I would LOVE any help, we are a great team with my teaching experience & 3 university degrees between us (he's currently a lawyer here in Canada).

Thanks in advance for any Hong Kong job help ^_^
Hi Jena,

I just got a phone call from one of our grads whose school is looking for a couple. It's not in Hong Kong, but maybe you are still interested??? I've posted his contact info in a seperate forum "South of Beijing COUPLES".

Check it out! I hope that helps :)
Also, I am sure you are regularly checking out the job postings on our site, as we add 20 to 40 per day!
Hey Zoie, We really have our hearts set on Hong Kong and hoping for around 2K/mth as per other HK posts, but thanks so much for your Beijing suggestion.

Will keep checking tesol job board, have gone through agencies Footprints, Teach Away & Chatteris (they primarily recruit for Hong Kong) but no luck so far. Hoping they will find Gavin's experience as a Lawyer helpful possibly with legal english or adult english & my experience with youth- thanks again for keeping an eye out!

A few Hong Kong job postings went up on the job board. FYI! :)
me too me too!
finding many HK contacts have yahoo email adresses & want to instant message which is great IF you have a USA yahoo account... not so much if you're canadian with hotmail/gmail etc. good luck! -side note: south korea is banging down doors with offers, they really need people there right if you post your resume on dave's esl cafe
More and more schools and agents are using Skype for interviews, so if you can't message from your account, ask them if you can Skype to ask questions, etc.

i just had my phone interview with EPIK last night!
hoped it went well.
That's super exciting Ryan, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!