volunteering in Nicaragua

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Hi everyone.
Last summer I spent a week in a small village not far from Nicaragua's west coast, where I had heard they were looking for an English teacher. It was quite an incredible experience, in that I got to experience first hand how a family lives in what is nearly a third world country in the Americas. The standard of living is lower than what you may be used to - many of the floors are dirt floors, the diet is very basic (rice, beans, and something on the side), and the village is rather remote (a bus stops there twice a day or you can walk an hour and a half to a nearby resort).
The family I stayed with is trying to attract English teachers for the elementary school aged children there, in the hope that they can someday find a job at a nearby resort, or in the eco-tourism industry. (Nearby is the area where rare turtles lay their eggs). The best part as that these kids are some of the most enthusiastic learners you will find anywhere. Anything you can contribute is appreciated, even if it is only for a week or two. Contact me at geoffrey3701@gmail.com and I will provide you with more information.
It makes a great stopping off point, and a great cultural experience.
This is fantastic Geoffrey! Thanks for posting this!! What a great way to travel and teach for sure. I hope you get some people inquiring.
I think it's ideal for anyone who wants to get some practical experience before committing to anything long term.
It's probably hard for them to attract teachers for more than a month or two because it is so isolated - even my cell phone didn't work when I was there, and nobody has internet. (Two people in the village of 600 own a vehicle. The rest walk, ride horses, or use a bicycle). But the people are supportive. As they get to know you, they will invite you over - sometimes the children wanted me to come to their house and meet their families.
As far as lodging goes, I helped raise some money for the family I stayed with, and now they have a solid floor in their living room. And I forgot to mention the volunteer bedroom is the nicest and biggest room in the house - a tile floor, comfortable bed, and windows.
You will want to take some excursions into nearby resorts (Playa El Coco, San Juan Del Sur) for weekends to reconnect with society as you know it (including your facebook friends, and the local expat community).
I should also mention Nicaragua is dirt cheap. $1 per hour of bus travel, hotel rooms in resort towns starting at $5 a night... The main expense is getting there.