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Why is about 99% of the job listings on the forum for China, Korea, and other asian nations? Why aren't there ever any jobs listed for South America and other non-asian areas, at least very, very few?
Sorry for the bad English. The above question should read, "Why are about...?"
Great question Terry!

More than half the ESL/EFL job market is in Asia. They are set up with their schools in ways that they can recruit teachers, they often have recruiters within their countries, they can afford websites for their schools and lots of them want representatives of 'Western Culture'.

There are still jobs all over the world, often going to those countries you will see that upon arrival. They will not advertise as they don't have the resources or know where to start. Anyone else want to add to this?

Thanks for pointing that out, because unfortunately it is the reality of internet job searching. Please add helpful hints for job searches you all have done for other non-Asian countries!
If anyone is interested in a job in the Czech Republic, there is a great website that posts numerous jobs. It is I found my job through this sight within a couple weeks of moving to Prague and could not have been much happier with the results.
For anyone looking into signing a contract with a school in South Korea. Most schools will provide you with either provided accomodations, or a living allowance of 400-500, 000 won per month.

However if you are electing to accept the school's provided housing, make sure you get some information about it and pictures of it. That way, you have an idea of the size of apartment and it's condition. I find this keeps the employer more honest.

You can never be too cautious!
try asking for email addresses of other foreign teachers in the school you are negotiating with to get their opinions about any concerns they may have