Accessing Course Materials

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It seems as tho every time I've logged in to finish my exams online in the last two months, the site tells me "course is no enrollable at the moment". I can't get into my course materials & I'm about to have a baby, so I need to get them done while I have the time! Does anyone have any insight to my dilemma, or maybe the same problem?
Hi Jasmine,
I have tried several times and the same problem. Lian
If you guys are having problems, send me an email at with your full names so I can look your file up and see where the problem is. It is usually a quick fix! I don't know unless you tell me! Tell me ASAP so you can get going!

Hello! I still haven't heard from either of you. You can also call into the office, 1-888-270-2941 and we can make sure we get the problem sorted out!