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Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Huaiyin Institute of Technology ( HYIT ) is a multi-discipline engineering institute which offers undergraduate education in economics, management, literature, agronomy and natural sciences under Jiangsu Province Education Commission. HYIT has a 48-year history of excellence in teaching, learning and scientific research. It has 3 campus covering an area about 350 acres.

HYIT now has 2 schools, namely: School of Life Sciences and Chemical Engineering and School of Economics and Management, 10 departments and divisions, namely: Mechanical Engineering Department, Electronics and Information Engineering Department, Computer Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Department, Transportation Engineering Department, Foreign Languages Department, Human Culture & Social Sciences Department, Information and Computing Sciences Department and Design Arts Department. It also has Physical Education Division and two affiliated colleges which are Jianghuai College and Further Education College

Huaiyin Institute of Technology

HYIT is proud of its complete infrastructure and modern teaching and learning facilities. The libraries in HYIT have more than 1.18 million volumes of books, various of different kinds of periodicals and 400,000 volumes of Elec-books.

Mechanical Engineering Discipline is the major-building discipline in Jiangsu Province and Mechanical Design and Automation Discipline is the distinctive discipline in the province. Digital Manufacture Technique Laboratory is the major-building laboratory in the province. Biological Engineering Specialty is the building base of characteristic specialty in the province. HYIT also has a Salt-chemistry Engineering Research Center, 3 experiment teaching demonstration centers, 7 co-building laboratory centers shared with HYIT and Huai'an Municipality. The complete and advanced research facilities offer a platform for cultivating excellent professionals and scientific research.

Geographical Location

As the hometown of Zhou En'lai, the great man of our times. Huai'an is a city under the direct jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province. Famous for its national history and distinctive and colorful culture, it has become a popular and science tourist destination.
The city is located in the middle of the North Jiangsu Province, bordering Yancheng on the east, Yanzhou on the south, Anhui Province on the west, and Lian Yungang, Xuzhou and Xuqian on the north. Administration Division and Population

Huai'an covers an area of 10,000 square kilometers, of which the city proper covers 85 square kilometers. By the end of 2005, the population totaled 5.28 million, of which 893,800 were in the city proper. In February 2001, the State Council changed the city's name from Huai'an. Huai'an now administers four districts of Qinghe, Qingpu, Huaiyin, and Chuzhou, as well as four countries of Lianshui, Hongze, Jinhu, and Xuyi.

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Foreign Affairs Office

Huaiyin Institute of Technology

Add: 1, Meicheng Rd. Huaian, Jiangsu, P.R. China

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Requirements on Foreign teacher/expert
Gender: Unspecific
Education: Bachelor, Master, Doctor
Major: Linguistics/literature, education -related, other
Working Experience: Unspecific
Kind of Teacher: Teacher, Expert
Age: Less than 60
Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australian
Language: English
Vacancy: Five

Contract Terms

The school SAFEA authorized to employ with No. _A2 3201066
Contract time: ONE year or HALF a year (from 2008/8/20 to 2009/6/30 )
Starting time: September 2010

Working place: On campus & off campus
Workload: ?18 class hours per week (45minutes per class hour)
Courses: Oral English, Conversation, Reading, Writing American and British literature, others
Monthly Tel allowance (BMB): None
Meals: Cooling utensils provided
Boarding place: On campus
Transport: School bus/bus, walk, other
Boarding: Apartment
The accommodation is "FAO Approved" for foreigners.
Accommodation is self-contained
The floor space is 77 Square meters, with two bedrooms, one sitting room, one Kitchen, one Bathroom/Toilet with one European Toilet and Bathtub/Shower, air-conditions, Color TV with (CCTV9) English Channel, Refrigerator, Complete set of furniture, Washing Machine, 24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas, Microwave, Telephone (IDD), A-Z miscellaneous items (bedding, blanket, pillow, towel, sleeper, etc.), All kinds of cooking utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans), Computer with internet Access
With the accommodation, who pays for:
Water: ?school ? teacher
Electricity: ?school ?teacher
Gas: ?school ? teacher
Phone local: ?school ? teacher
Long distance: ?school ? teacher
Internet connection: ?school ? teacher
Relatives and friend can visit the teacher at school.

The School Size and Facilities Provided

The size of the school: 1420000 m2
How many buildings: 13
Does the school take boarders ? yes ? no How Many 14000
How many students: 14600 How many teachers:860
The range of Age: 19-22 How many students in one class: 35
Students' English level: ? Basic ?Intermediate ?? Advanced
Facility of the school: Gymnasium, Dinning Room, Library (English), Hospital, Infirmary
Facility Around:Supermarket, Internet Bar, Park, Bus Station
The name of the nearest large city: Nanjin City
How far:180 Km Population: 7.72(million)
Temperature City range:? Summer 20°-37° ? Winter -5°-10°
Are the Medical Facilities available:?yes ?no
In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities: 5 Minutes

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