Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia

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Hey there,

I've had an interview with Korean Horizons. They seem okay, but just a few things I wasn't confortable with. For example, the contract was in Korean and English and they were not able to provide a contract only in English. Also, I wanted to see pictures of the housing and I got some excuss that they were unable to provide any. So, I felt it was a little funny. Just my personal experience and opition.

good luck!
Hi Trina
I think the contract has to be in both Korean and English (the Korean one and the translated English one for us to understand). I also think it is uncommon to see pictures of your housing, they may not have secured a place yet, etc... Just some thoughts of mine. If you feely funny about it though, trust your instinct. Good luck,
Good to know. Thanks for the input Richard!
Another recruiter for South Korea based out of Toronto:

Wesley Jun