Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia

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I wish to apply to teaching jobs over in Asia, particularly Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai (China), Taiwan or Japan, in order of preference as Hong Kong being #1 on my list.

I've come across and applied to two recruiting agencies thus far. They are the following: (various) (Korea) (various) (Japan)

I would like to know if there are anymore reputable/reliable agencies out there. Please list them out in this thread.

Thanks guys.
South Korea


JET Programme

Check these out!
Hi Heidy,

Thanks for those links.
Are there any agencies for Hong Kong?
Hi Ryan,

Footprints would be the main one for Hong Kong, I'm sure there are others, but not that I can think of right now.

Hopefully someone else can add in for Hong Kong.

Hi Ryan,

If you're looking into going to Hong Kong, check out the following websites: (recruitment for international schools) (local English newspaper classified ads)

I hope those websites help. And if you would like to find out more about Hong Kong, I am there right now. :)

Take care,
Kindergarten teacher/English Tutor in Hong Kong S.A.R.
Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the websites.

You don't happen to be Maggie TSUI from HKEDU?? I've came across a few job ads that are from this organization.

I apologize if I got the wrong person =)

You are very helpful! Thank you! It is truly appreciated to have your experience and I am grateful for your input!

To anyone interested in getting a position in South Korea, these are the ones I recommend:

- Soo Kim recently found me a placement so I only have good things to say about this agency - they are the first to make my dream to teach overseas very close to becoming true! She referred me to a school on the same day I contacted her and was hired by the school a week and a half later.

- Mata is very friendly and prompt, they respond to emails quickly, will interview you at the most convenient time for you and will work hard in finding you a position (just be flexible, of course), he provides a list of schools that you might like to be referred to.

- the position start date didn't quite work out with this one, they are recruiting mainly for EPIK in August 2010. Gillian, however is very friendly, personable and most importantly, she is from Canada! That's a big thumbs up for me 'cause they're more familiar w/ my questions and concerns.

- I have only exchanged simple emails with Alistair so I can't say much about this agency, he will be interviewing me tomorrow. I recommend this agency because they provide tons of goodies (eg., travel guide, map of your city, korean-english dictionary, prepaid airfare, etc.)

**JEJU ESL (main recruiter is Canadian from Vancouver)**
- work in beautiful JEJU island in Korea, prompt email as well and they recruit KYOPOS and for Gangwon EPIK (the province known to offer the longest paid vacation of up to
30+ days - this might be a thumbs up for people who wants to travel a lot during their contract)

K, good luck with your job search guys! =D

Do you know of any local sites for finding ESL jobs in Hong Kong? There was a recent post put up, you seem like you know a lot about that. Do you mind replying with your knowledge?