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Hey all....

I have been over here in China successfully living and teaching for more than 6 years now. I have done many other things than just teaching (TV, Music, public speaking, etc) but teaching has been the mainstay.

As you read about online, though salaries (to start) that you find are typically low, it is much too easy to pick up private students.... My wife and I have about.... Oh....100 now.... Mostly her due to my other professional job now. But I still do the kids classes on weekends.

Those private students have been coming to me for 4 years. Why? Because my classes are fun and I incorporate that fun into learning. If you can keep those kids noisy, parents will keep throwing money at you, and tell their friends!!!

I posted a few videos showing what I do in my private classes in China. Keep in mind these are mine, so no school calling shots, anything goes.


There you can see 2 videos from a couple years ago, when games like bowling, paper airplane darts and garbage can basketball, when used in learning, become powerful tools. No one wins or loses, the kids speak (shout) just to play!

The 3rd video is of my current batch, though 90% of them are just 2 years older than they were in the first 2 videos. As they get older, the need for physical games goes away to mental games. Hangman, sentence building, story telling, etc. Easier on the body, but just as much fun.

I have a bunch more videos to put up. So if you want any ideas, or just a laugh, head on over to youtube and search for sirantesl, give it a watch, and subscribe for more videos to come!

I hope you like watching them as much as I liked making them.
Hi Anthony,

Great post Anthony, I found it to be very informative. The videos are great you have good charisma and energy to match your class. Please post more of them. I would love to see how your students have behaved over the years. They all seem energetic, maybe it’s because there is a camera in the room.

It’s good to see that you have long term students that develop with age. So much better then an industrial class setting that forces you to churn out students as quick as possible.
Which school are you apart of? Or is this all from your weekend private classes?

Thank you

Thank you so much Anthony for posting these. As you put more up, please put a note in the forum. I think this is super helpful for 'green' teachers. I always liked starting my classes with actions to songs they new to get them moving before they had to sit for lessons. Every teacher has a different style, but no matter what, you need to engage the students!

Thanks again for sharing!!
Thank you Anthony!