Graduates in Europe!

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Hello everyone! I am really curious to know if any of our graduates are currently in Europe and about where they are.

If there are a few, can you add to this discussion? I'm curious about how you are feeling the economic shift worldwide with teaching English in Europe. How hard is it to find jobs without being an EU Citizen? Are you making enough to get by? Did you find your job before you arrived in Europe or did you show up and go about it that way.

I know I ask a lot of questions, but I've had quite a few emails about teaching in Europe and all the changes worldwide. I know that part of Teaching English Overseas does require a sense of adventure and risk, and that is what was required of me when I showed up in Taiwan. I'm just curious about how that converts to Europe.

I look forward to hearing some great stories!


Hi Heidy we have a story on my site from Taahia in Italy - nice reading
Thanks Gabrielle! What a beautiful story. :)