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Dear fellow New Teachers and well seasoned :)

I am here to warn you about job offers that seem as they say 'To good to be TRUE'

My story begins when on February 20th I received a very exciting and interesting job offer form a man who claimed to be new to the UK from China and is looking for a English teacher for his very dear wife and two kids.
He offered to pay me 3200 GBP a month, give me my own place with Internet, TV, Kitchen, Full bath and a car to drive around with + he will cover my flight and visa help, all I have to do is teach and be willing to ay 1 year possibly 18 months.

I was so excited but then I started to think about it, why such an offer to a stranger in Canada? there are many teachers in the UK, so I wrote back and said yes tell me more and I asked many questions over several e-mails and he responded in kind but I still felt that it smells 'Fishy' So like the good investigator that I am I had asked for photos of him and family + a name and contact info as a reference for him just so I know he is for real. Well let me tell you he did send those photos 4 photos of a man a woman and two kids and gave me a reference name and two e-mail addresses but here is the catch, the name he gave me was for a person that works for the UK Border Agency. So now you think you can trust it right? WRONG! I contacted every office via e-mail at the UK Border Agency and I was sent a reply 24 hrs later and here is what I was told, please read to the end:

Dear Miss Ghefner,
Thank you for your e-mail,
With regard to your enquiry; please see below.

The information you have provided does not appear to have come from a valid Home Office source. This person does not work within UKBA.

As such, the information has been forwarded to the appropriate Home Office department for investigation.

We are grateful for the information you have provided. However, we will not be able to advise you of the progress or results of any investigation relating to this information. This is for the following reasons:The Data Protection Act (1998) — the provisions of this Act means we cannot disclose information we hold on an individual, company or organisation to a third party unless requested to do so by, or with the written consent of, the party concerned.

The Immigration and Nationality Directorate’s Code of Practice — all investigations are pursued in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998), the Human Rights Act (1998) and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000). This prevents us giving feedback to people who provide information which lead to investigations, and if we were to breach this, it could compromise the success of any prosecution of an identified offender.

Potential Damage to ongoing investigations — the potential damage that disclosure might have on any investigation conducted by Work Permits or other government agencies

Please if you see a message starting with:I am Dr. Boqin Delun a Chinese national from the Henan province. I
worked with the People's Hospital of Henan Province before I
relocated to Brampton, Cumbria, England 2 months ago. I am in search
of an English as a Foreign Language teacher who can take my Wife, Biyu
and my 2 kids, Hai and Jie in English classes.

Hello Tutors,
> I am MR. PHILIPS 62yrs retired Australian national.I
> live currently in RIVER STATE-NIGERIA as a Contractor Engineer with 2 of my grand children
> because their parents died in a motor accident and left them for me.
Dear applicant,
I am Mr.Fujita Botan a native of Chiba,Oita Japan. I worked with New
Otani Makuhari Hotel 2-2 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi Makuhari, Chiba
Japan before I relocated to Alford, London, England few months ago
and right now, I am in search of a professional International English
Language teacher who can take my Wife, Akako and my 2 kids, Aiko and
Gin in English classes.

DO NOT REPLY! Block!!!!!! Its a SCAM!!!!!!!!!

I hope this will help save you from any kind of danger, please take care of your safety, ask many questions and get solid evidence.

Keep Safe :)


I got this today!

Dear applicant,

I am Dr Ramos Adriano a native of Sonora in northwestern,Mexico. I worked with
Hospital Maria Jose SA de CV - LAS AGUILAS 101 103 COL. SAN ANGEL C.P.01010
before I relocated to Norflok, London, England few months ago
and right now, I am in search of a professional International English
Language teacher who can take my Wife, Pita and my 2 kids, Acacitli and
Atlatonin in English classes.
My wife and Kids are my treasure so I offer to pay you 3,000.00GBP if
you will take up this position. I will provide you an Accommodation,
furnished with a Television Set, and Internet Ready computer. A
vehicle will be available also for Mobility if you can Drive.

I need your updated resume for me to discuss more about you with my
family and also talk to your references. Applicant Must be willing to
Hoping to hear from you soonest, Cheers and God's blessings

Dr.Ramos Adriano.
Jubililee Way,Guston Wood,
Dover,England CT15 5FD
Thanks P.I. Linda!

I had a lady call today saying she was contacted on Serious Teachers and tried to find information and was led to our forum. Your hard work is helping strangers! I just emailed a complaint to Serious Teachers asking if they could track these individuals, and I gave them the names!

Hi there,

OMG! I'm so glad to hear that and even more glad I hunted down every lead I found. Thank you Heidy ur the BEST!

Linda lol
A shout out to William for finding this BlackList Blog. Thanks to the writer of the blog for the information listed on it. Check it out if you have questions about schools or what to look for in a scam.
Add this one to the List, Got it today March 19,2010:

fromDr.George Mc Gee

dateThu, Mar 18, 2010 at 1:02 PM
subjectEnglish Teacher Needed In Scotland,Uk

hide details Mar 18 (1 day ago)

Hello Applicant Esl/Efl Teacher,
I need an ESL/EFL teacher to teach my wife and her
daughter(my step daughter).I am a cardiologist by profession and I
lived in the Uk with my new wife and her daughter(my step daughter).
My Wife is from Mongolia and we got married there during my research work
there,she already has a daughter out of wedlock but they do not speak
English language.
They just joined me here in the Uk and i need a good ESL/EFL
teacher to come and
teach them,to enable them communicate here very effectively.
I will pay the teacher a monthly salary of 3,000 GBP(Great
British Pounds) with some allowances attached and free accommodations.
Interested persons can call me on +447024072876 or mail me back
through will glad to get a good teacher.
Update, I found this message waiting for me today!

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 9:54 AM, john jack wrote:

To whom it may concern that need job
My Daughter is very Small but fun to be with...i am a Medical Doctor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates am a single Father i lost my wife after the birth of Venessa....Ever since then i have been responsible for her well being and this as been affecting my work..Am a qualify doctor and own a clinic here in Dubai United Arab Emirates....My daughter attend one of the best schools in United Arab Emirates.For now am stressed a lot to handle her and work...So i need a Nanny and a Driver as well a guardner is needed too that can help me out..yes i use to have a Nanny and Driver before but they left to see their Families for the Christmas....My driver moved back to claim family right.....For now it's me and my daughter so i need someone to take care of her..Please if you are caring and God fearing you can apply for the work.....I am paying a good salary if you are interested i can afford US$6,000 (Six thousand united states of american dollars and US$300 as weekly allowance....I have a Big Apartment with Swimming pool a little amazement park is there for Venessa and her playmate....with lot of toys....My Nanny will be entitled to all kind of privacy she wants same as my driver...The people to work for me must be able to live with me as a family and one love.....Accommodation is not a problem.....If you are interested kindly get back to me..As for the driver you will have to take my Daughter to school and anywhere she wants to go with the Nanny....I have a Range Rover Sport,so get back to me if you have interest on or call +971553679196
Dr John Jack
Dubai,United Arab Emirates