Searching for a job starting May1,2010

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Hello Everybody,

I have registered on vairous websites for ESL Teachers and posted my resume, but there were not a lot of responses made yet.
I have a specific schedule that I am available to work on: May1 to August 30th, 2010. Does anyone have a suggestion on which websites are better to look at or what strategies should I use to get a job offer? I am looking at China, Korea, or Japan.


any suggestions will be helpful
Dave's ESL Cafe!
And this website, under job postings
Hi Aigerim,

I'm in China and could help you with positions here.

E-mail me at:

- Shelly
We have many jobs in China available. With or without a degree. The key is to go through one of our offices since going directly to an individual may or may not be the best idea. Contact either or One of the websites which many people from Toronto obtain jobs is

Also, for anyone holding a degree, we have jobs in the Shanghai public school system which requires teachers to teach for only 15 hours per week. Send your resume and Picture to and we will evaluate and forward to the Shanghai hiring office. Jobs may be had for one semester or for one week. We have 16 teachers currently teaching there. Best regards.
Hi Shelly, I know I wasn't the initiator in this forum, but I myself am looking for positions in China - specifically in Beijing, and I'm kind of down on luck on securing anything. So I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out, too.
If I have your consent, I can email you my information and such as well.
Hi Aigerim

from my experience I think schools are working on a 30 day cycle. I started applying on websites from March and said I was available from late July. I was getting lots of email responses and phone calls from Korea/China, but when I kept telling them late july it seems like they put me at the bottom of the pile and things went no further.

use ESLcafe and but only when you are closer to your 30 day time period instead of giving them a vague timeline like i was.

also is good for china positions too
Hi Karen,

I may be able to help you. I am in Changchun, which is close too Beijing but the company who brought me where was wonderful and I think they have connections in Beijing too since we always went there.

I also have schools here in Changchun that are looking for teachers and can make sure you are taken care of. Either way, give me a shout!

Send me an e-mail at:

I know what it's like to go through the pains of finding a job overseas.
did you try applying through EPIK??