Working in Thailand

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So I have been offered a job in Thailand tutoring but it is just a friend of a friend offering the job. Since it is not through a school or anything I have to do the visa myself I have been trying to look it up and it is confusing to say the least. If anyone knows where I can look or can give me advice on to how, it would be appreciated. I don't have a university degree so I know that it maybe a little harder. I also know that a lot of people work on a tourist visa but how does that work?

Thank you for you help in advance


If you are working for a friend and you are paid in cash, you can stay on a tourist visa (providing you feel and they feel comfortable with that arrangement). If the school needs that paper work to be processed they will try and get you to get a work visa. It really is a matter of your personal preference and how comfortable you feel. If anyone has any personal experience with Thailand, feel free to chime in. :)

While we are on the topic of Thailand, is there any graduates currently teaching in Thailand? Aimee would love to hear from people that are in the country and your experience.

Feel free to fire me an email at so that I can put you in touch with Aimee.