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Did anyone else apply to the job in Tarragona, Spain that was posted on this site recently? I've been offered a contract (the school is called Escola Turo Tarragona) and now they're asking me for 350 Euros via Western Union to cover the orientation costs. I have a feeling this is a scam. Has anyone else been offered a job by this school? Thanks!
Hi Barbara!

I actually just inquired about this fee with one of the men on the email list, I'll write his reply below. I also felt it very strange that they would want a teacher to send money via Western Union.

Dear Heidy,

Thanks for expressing your concernes regarding your students applying for a teaching position in our great and reputable school. This is greatly appreciated though. It is true one has to be careful when searching or seeking job online these days. Especially when the issue of sending money is involved. How ever, I would like you to understand that, Escola turo in Tarragona is a long existing school. The school has been inspected by NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and approved by The Spanish Council to operate a school, that follows The British National Curriculum exactly, to ensure a seamless transition for a child to or from any other Spanish School, whether it is in Spain or overseas. So, they knows the best way to handle any situation. The fee that teacher are asked to pay is only to take part in the starting training and orientation before resuming duty fully. And this is only applied to the new employed teacher and first time in Spain. The training and orientation is going to be handle by an external organization that is why its attract a fee. You should be aware that, It is not a must to comply with this terms. Only if you feel the need to take part in the program that is when you need to pay this fee. But is very important for every new teacher to be a part of the program because it will really help them with the new relocation and development. I believe you understand better now? We are not a school that rip people off their money for any reasons. But your effort and assistant for your students is greatly understand. Thank you!

Joseph Hernadez
Corresponding Officer.

(mind the spelling errors, I just copy and pasted)

He does state here, that the training is optional. If many grads have been contacted by this school, then for sure it might be a scam...arggggggg

Did anyone else hear from them?

For all those that have been involved with this school, if you ahve not received this email from the school, it is below:

"This is a fraud in internet, we are a primary and secondary school in Tarragona , as you can see in our web page.

I’m very sorry for all, but I’m happy to see you’re a prudent and intelligent person, asking me if it was legal.

I feel sorry for people who may be caught in the trap.

I have received some other applications.

We had informed the authorities to see if they can do anything.

As you are also injured, I recommend you go to the authorities in your country.


Xavier Gilabert


Sorry about this posting. When applying for jobs on our site, still use discretion. I will be doing my best to help screen them, but it is impossible to screen all jobs. This job posting has been removed.

Really hard to get an honest job in Spain with no EU passport, I was there a few years ago...been all over the place and Tarragona was my favourite.

Lots of scams offering you jobs in Spain.

Here is the official goverment education site offering jobs to Canadian and American teachers (but only on tourist visa, no EU green card)...only looking for Canadian French speakers for this year :
Has anyone been on here been teaching in Spain??