Teacher Mex Connect...Good? Bad?

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Has anyone heard anything positive or negative about these people?
I know that one should flee from companies that request money, but these guys look pretty legit...

I took a change a couple of weeks ago and paid the $39....so far I am not impressed....was told they would not forward my resume in December because of the Holidays - but would do so in January....hmmmmm Highly doubt any School is shut for a month!! Guess we will see!!
I haven't heard of the above mentioned school, but in Mexico, at both schools my son taught in, they do indeed, close for a month: with NO PAY!! and from talking with him, things like processing paperwork, move very, very slowly.

Let me know if you hear back from them and how that unfolds. I'm very curious myself. I have contacted them before and was told they would help our students, but haven't heard of a good experience from any of our students to date. Keep in touch about this!

Hi there,

My partner and I paid the fee back in 2006 and got a few (3 or 4) irregular emails claiming that they were sending our resumes to some schools but no definitive offers or even follow-ups from the schools they "sent" our resumes to. The emails quickly faltered off, probably after 4 months...

I would suggest not paying the fee because they do not do very much!

Good luck!
Thanks Mallorie for sharing your experience. It is good to express caution at 'too good to be true' offers.

Does anyone have a good experience?
Tania or Anyone who can assist us:)

Tania, What school did/does your son teach at in Mexico? Does anyone else know about reputable schools in Mexico?

I can assist you Gordon!

I live and just got a job in Mexico City. There is a small school in Los Reyes de Salgado that really and desperately wanted to hire me. I did not take the job eventhough it is not a bad offer, yet not the greatest just to let you know, because I moved to Mexico City in the fall and I simply want to stay here. And got a boyfriend too in the process so hey, I'm not gonna move if I don't have to. The owner of the school just sent me an e-mail asking for my help because the teacher whom she has selected to be hired from USA, looks like, changed his mind to take the job or is not serious enough about it. SO, if you are interested about this job, it would be a 6 month contract, possibility for extention if you would like to stay in Mexico and you do a good job. It would be about teaching children and teenagers. She needs someone urgently, I mean yesterday, so if you are serious about moving to Mexico RIGHT NOW and interested in this offer, or if anyone else is interested, e-mail me at mutymuruty2009@hotmail.com and I can give you the details.
Ok, I just got another e-mail from the school. She just told me she would preffer to hire a lady because in her experience, she has noticed that the children at her school seem to trust female teachers more than male teachers. I find this to be a very interesting observation. This has never crossed my mind before, but ok, it is her school and her preference. I am sure she would hire a male teacher if she can't find a female one right away because she keeps highlighting the fact that she is extremely worried that she won't be able to find a teacher soon and the classes are beginning today (Jan. 25) She doesn't know how she will manage the classes on her own.
Hi Gordon,
English Unlimited is the first school my son taught at. Its in San Louis Potosi. The pay wasn't too bad. Here is the email address if you want to follow it up. teaching@englishunlimited.org
Not sure if they are looking, but it's worth a try. Goo luck!