To all Graduates!!

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Hi everyone!

I am trying to compile some pictures, and information of what it is like to teach in various countries around the world. I am most familiar with Taiwan as I lived there for over 4 years, but would like some great pictures or even stories from other parts of the world. We'd like to incorporate them into our course to give people an idea of what life can be like as a teacher, and maybe even the website. If you have anything in this regards, or would like more info, please send me an email!


Thanks everyone! I hope this finds you well.
Hello Heidy,

What a great idea!

Including real life stories might lighten the anxiety of not knowing what to expect. It may also help the ESL teachers find their teaching niche and ability.

Best regards, Susan Black
Hello Heidy:

We completed a one year contract in Malang, Indonesia and had a wonderful time there. My husband wrote a very entertaining piece on our experiences which led many of our friends to suggest that he write a book about all of our adventures. Would you like a copy of his work? We are more than willing to answer anyone's queries regarding our time in Indonesia. To date, we continue correspondence with many of our former students, teachers, and admin staff at the school.

Warm Regards!

Laurie & Gordon

I would love a copy of his work! Susan Black has been posting sections/articles from her work, you are free to do so as well on our forum. I love that it can inspires others to go overseas, and that each experience has a gem of knowledge attached to it.

Thanks Laurie and Gordeon as well as Susan Black!! :)

Hi there Robert :)

I would love to know more :) I am thinking of going to Indonesia, I found a posting here on feb 6th so I will be sending my cover letter, resume & photo this week. Any pointers of what else they might want me to send? Can you tell me anything, like how is life there, what will I find there, lets not forget how much they pay a new tesol instructor :) will I be able to keep up with my bills here in canada?

If its simpler please contact me at, here is good 2 :)

Thank you kindly in advance,

Hi Laurie, Gordon and Susan, can I put you in touch with a graduate of ours? Please email me at

I just read your bit about teaching in Taiwan for 4 years. I am considering applying through Hess international to teach. Do you know anything about their schools? I noticed they did not offer plane fair, as did some other organizations such as Yes in Korea (which is another prime candidate of mine). I admit i am mostly looking at places that i found pamphlets on at my university. i figured they were likely more reputable. do you have any advice for a first timer on Korea, Taiwan or China?
Hi Lynn,

HESS is very well organized. They are very structured and train their teachers well. You can have any of your questions answered by them. There were lots of similar type schools in Taiwan, but HESS recruits from overseas.

The bigger recruiting companies will require more from their employers, but have experienced all the hiccups along the way. I have more experience with seeing HESS as I lived in Taiwan. Anyone have anything from South Korea, or even JET from Japan?