2010 Summer camps in Italy

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So I am looking to teach at a summer camp in Italy for the summer of 2010. I was wondering if anyone knows of any camps that they taught at or know someone who taught at one. Really anyone that you would recommend. I have been looking them up and on google there are so many and on the job sites there are none at all yet. I know it may be a little early yet but i'm just trying to get a head start on it.
Thanks in advance
I thought I'd add to this as I've got some summer camp info. Time is running short for anyone interested in applying!


The application deadline for the one below was April 1st, but if you are applying for the August Orientation, mail your stuff in up until Jul 1st. And that is snail mail, not email!

Other summer camp names to google and check out their websites are:

Scotia Personal info@scotia-personnel-ltd.com

The English Camp Company info@theenglishcampcompany.com

Please add anymore as you come across them!

These don't have to be for Italy. These companies are also for other areas of Europe, such as Spain!
Thanks Heidy, I actually did get in touch with that company back in December. I had a phone interview that went well. They told me in that same conversation that I was hired I just had to send in a processing fee of $480.00. They did not really tell me why I had to pay the fee when I asked and they did not want to explain it so I did not pay the fee meaning I did not get a job through that company.
Which company Aimee?
haha sorry the Scotia Personal company.
Another student also had the same apprehensions with the company. Did you call and ask them about it? They do recruitment for other jobs as well, not just summer camps and are based out of Canada. I doubt they get a commission of any sorts. I would just call and ask them about what the fee goes towards, etc. They are very nice to talk to. :)