How do I teach in Spain without EU Passport or experience???

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In have been looking on the job bank and Daves Cafe site for esl, efl jobs in Spain or even South America. Almost every place that I want to teach in either requires a minimum of one year experience with a degree as well as an EU Passport. I have noticed that most esl, efl jobs that will take new teachers with no experience are in Asia. I have absolutely NO desire to go to Asia. Is this the only route that I must take first?

If anyone can help me or give me some advice I would appreciate it.

You do not need to go to Asia for your first teaching gig.

The difficulty with Spain would be connected to their membership in the EU. That is why many employers there would want you to have an EU passoprt, it just makes it easier to get you legal.

I've been in the Czech Republic for four years and I can tell you that being legal for EU citizens here is a breeze compared to a lot of non-EU citizens. Its all about the bureaucracy.

I've had many colleagues, both EU and non-EU citizens who have worked in other EU countries and beyond a doubt the bureaucracies of the EU countries are set up to favour citizens of other EU countries.

It may also be a matter of what the country legally expects from employers within it. It could well be the Spanish law stipulates that English teachers must come from within the EU. I'm told that is the case with Belgium.

Am I assuming correctly that you have checked the websites of the embassies of the countries you wish to go to? They should all have some information about requirements to work within their borders and a general overview of their labour codes regarding foreigners working there.
Dave's Cafe is an OK place to start looking for work, but you can do better.

Have you tried this site:

I found it quite useful when I was looking for my first job as it has has a wider focus than just Asia. Like you, Asia didn't really grab me as a potential location to teach.
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Can I please ask what the link for Daves ESL cafe is and also, does anyone have any suggestions about teaching in Brazil. I am particuarly looking to go to Itajai (Santa Catarina) but am not recieving any response from employers there.
Many thenks if anyone has suggestions, my email is