Dealing with Recruiters

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Hi Grads,

I would like to post some advice about using recruiters. There are many reputable recruiters out there, but to be sure that you are getting what you have been promised, make sure that you do the following:

1. Ask for references of teachers who have gone through these recruiters
2. Make sure that these teachers are working at the same school where they are sending you.
3. If it is the first time that these recruiters are using the school where you are going and if they cannot give you references of teachers who both work at the school and went through their services, make sure you get e-mail addresses of 3 teachers who have used their services AND 3 e-mail addresses of teacher who work at the school

It is very important that you write to these teachers before you sign any contract.

Finally, you should never have to pay to get a job, so if a recruiter asks that you give them money, then they are not a legitamite company.


can you give me any websites or info on where i can find reputable recruiters?

for Seoul
Hi, Kristin,
Why not contact the school directly?

Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School is currently seeking TESOL teachers to join us in September 2008. We have three vacancies available.
1) A native English speaker from one of the following countries: America, Canada, England, and Australia. New Zealand,
2) Bachelors degree or high school diploma with TESOL Certificate
3) Weekly teaching load: 16-20 teaching periods (45 minutes per period).
4) Duration of contract: Sept. 1st 2008-June 30th, 2009
5) Start date: Sept.1st.2008
6) Monthly Salary: RMB4, 000.
7) Air Fare(RMB): round international
8) Annual travel allowance (RMB): 2,200
Meals: cooking utensils provided
Free Chinese course: 2 periods / week
9) Health insurance,work visa, paid vacation
10) Accommodation: Apartment, Free boarding on campus
Free two-room apartment on campus with private kitchen and bathroom. The apartment is furnished and includes: TV set, telephone, washing machine, computer (with Internet access), refrigerator, microwave oven, shower machine, air conditioner.
11) Students age: Middle school students aged 12-18
School information
School website:
The school is updating the website:
Photo Gallery of the foreign teachers:

School introduction:
Contact Information:
Foreign Affairs Office
Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School
Address: 22# Jinxia Road, Jingmen, Hubei Province, China
Postcode: 448000
Contact: Katherine

School introduction
Founded in 1984, Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School currently has a student population of over 4,500. More than 300 teachers, including five ESL teachers from different countries, work in the school and make up an important part of our school community.
Our modern, friendly school has two campuses. The north campus is right in the city; just a few minutes walk from city center cafes, shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs. In addition to our city-centre campus at Jingmen, we have another campus in Duodao District which is a twenty minute drive from the city center.
With a student population of over 4,500 the school is now the largest center of secondary education in Jingmen for the public services. Studying at Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School has become a desire for teenagers graduating from local and out-of-town elementary schools.
Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School is renowned for academic excellence, a warm welcoming atmosphere and community spirit. Our school is one of the top schools in Jingmen City and we have a great reputation in Hubei which even extends through China. Our school is proud of our many achievements. Recent external assessments resulted in fifteen programs being awarded a rating equivalent to 'Excellent'. We have been awarded titles of Excellent School of Physical Education, Excellent School of Art Education, Excellent School of Foreign Affairs, and Excellent School of Youth League by the State Bureau of Education. The most amazing achievement is that in the year 2003, our school ranked No.1 on the top list of all middle schools in Hubei Province.
Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School offers excellent teaching facilities and residential accommodation in unique locations and attractive environments. Students enjoy high quality lecture theatres and computer facilities.
The English Program is the specialty of our school. We are the first middle school in Hubei Province to hire foreign teachers. Since 1994, we have invited 58 foreign teachers from different countries, such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Armenia, Nigeria, Egypt, and the Philippines to work in our school.
With the help of their foreign teachers, our students have won more than 800 prizes in the National English Olympic Competition for Middle School Students. In the recent English Talent Competition organized by Jingmen TV Station and Jingmen Teaching and Research Institute, One of the students from our school was awarded first place, with the other two being awarded second and third place.
Every year the school welcomes many overseas visitors. Past visitors have included the Mayor of Rio Rancho City from USA, the Director of the China Affairs Department from Australia, the President of the Education Exchange Council from the USA, the Japanese Officials of Overseas Youth Volunteers Team and the French Consulate General.

thankyou for all your help
I am Katherine,director of Foreign Affairs Office in Hubei Jingmen Foreign Language School. You can email me at either or
I can tell you the details about the school and the positions. I will also provide the contacts of the ESL teachers who used to work and are working here for you to talk with,which may make you feel more comfortable.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Katherine Ruan