10 Tips for Interview Sucess

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10 Tips for Interview Success

It is said that one is interviewed for one's skills and hired because of
"fit." At the same time it is essential to be extremely well prepared before
setting out on a job interview. With more and more people being
professionally coached on interviewing techniques, you can count on the
competition being up on their game too. Ian Kennedy of Essential
Communications here in Toronto has insightful advice for making the best of
your interview preparation.

1. Research the company. Use the internet, annual reports
or company promotional brochures. Ask employees of the company or
ex-employees about the ins and outs of the company and about the people you
are slated to meet with.

2. Have your own personal agenda. Ask questions. Interview
the interviewer. Be prepared to discuss up to date issues or findings
related to your industry. Show them you have done your homework and that you
have something to offer in the knowledge as well as the skill department.

3. Write out answers to speculated questions. Identify 8-10
skills or competencies that you anticipate will be targeted and write out
your Situation, Action and Result (SAR) stories for each one.

4. Dress for success. Even casual day should find you in a
suit or as dressy as your industry dictates.

5. Call the interviewers voice mail after hours and listen
to their voice to get an idea of how they present themselves.

6. Don't change your routine, follow your regular pattern
of sleep and activity before the interview. Try some deep breathing
exercises if you are nervous.

7. Don't watch the news the night before or listen to it on
the radio in the morning. You need to stay focused on the interview not on
the latest news breaking terrorist story. Stay positive and upbeat.

8. Don't argue with family members.

9. Start your Thank you letter or card the night before the
interview. Hand written notes are very welcomed. Do not send email
unless.nope, don't send a thank you by email.

10. Prepare a form that allows you to jot down your thoughts and
feelings about each interview for review purposes. Detail what took place
and what you could do better next time.

As an interview coach used to say, "practice, practice, practice."

Colleen Clarke, Career Specialist & Corporate Trainer

Author of Networking How to Creatively Tap Your People Reources


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