Anybody could share experience in Japan, Taiwan, Korea or Philippines?

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> I have just graduated in TESOL and just started my specialization courses. Anybody knows where the BIG MONEY can be found? And what specialization courses make that BIG MONEY? Let me know. Thanks!
> Denes


Some thoughts on where you can go if making some money is tops right now! Countries like Korea, Japan and China tend to pay quite well and offer some of the best contracts. Also, if you've never considered the United Arab Emirates, the pay and contracts in this region tend to be very good. For some of these places you will need a univesity degree, along with your TESOL.

As far as specializations go, I think that Teaching Business can be a very good one. The income from teaching these classes can be a little higher sometimes than teaching in a school, but often people will combine teaching in a school with business classes the same day as well. This is because many of the contracts ask for less of your time than we are used to here in North America (40+) hours a week :( So, that's something you can consider. The more specialized you get, often the more lucrative (although possibly fewer options) the jobs can be. I hope this helps you out!

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