Any Suggestions?

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Hopefully somone can pop in with the names of some of the larger language schools in Vietnam.

In the mean time, you might want to check out a Canadian volunteer teaching organization that needs English teachers in rural Vietnam. I know you are looking for a paid position, but this is a great opportunity to get some experience, learn basic Vietnamese, and become better aquainted with the culture!

Check out:
Bureau for Canadian Volunteers Abroad

Contact: David McAmmond,,

Bureau for Canadian Volunteers Abroad is a not-for-profit organization which is committed to helping people in developing countries with the English language, technology, education and job opportunities.

We are a group of professional and business people who come from different backgrounds and disciplines, but have the same passion and desire to share our skills, knowledge, and other resources with people in the world to meet their various needs. Meanwhile, volunteering will in turn helps our group learn, respect and value the cultural traditions of people from different countries.

Exchange: Language teaching for room and board, also Vietnamese lessons.

Good Luck,

Lindsay MacNeil
Director of Graduate Assistance
Global TESOL College

> Hey - I'm a female hoping to go teach in Vietnam. I'm trying to decide which city to go to. Ho Chi
> Minh or Hanoi. Any suggestions?
> Also, for those of you who have gone to Vietnam to teach already - is there anything I should do in Canada before going? (the whole work visa/criminal record check part - what should be done here and what can be done once in Vietnam?)
> Thanks for your help!
> Cheers!