Back home after more than a decade overseas..

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Hi all,

I haven't posted here in awhile. I have returned back to Edmonton after teaching and living in China for almost 13 years. I started with my Global TESOL certificate, back in Dec of 2003, and never turned back. What was supposed to be a 1 year "sabbatical" turned into a new career, family and life. I went from a $500 a month teacher in the countryside, to a highly paid IELTS Examiner for the British government. It has been an amazing ride! Not only did I make friends around the world, meet an amazing Chinese woman and start a family, but I learned to speak Mandarin Chinese and have seen wonders I never dreamed possible.

However, now, back in Edmonton for almost 6 months now, and I am almost regretting coming back. I have come back ahead of my family in order to get set up. Whereas in China I was a highly coveted teacher and had no lack of opportunities, here I am "just another guy". I feel distant from my old friends and family and although I love the weather, the space and the quiet of Alberta, I am not settling in easily. And even with almost 13 years solid and qualified teaching experience, without a piece of paper from the government saying I paid a crap-ton of money to be a teacher, I cannot be a teacher....

I feel stuck. Part of me wants to get back onto a plane to return to my family and friends in China but a bigger part of me wants to stay here and be successful, so when my wife and daughter do arrive, they will have a comfortable home waiting for them....

Reverse culture shock I guess....

Does anyone know of any resources available to Global TESOL Alumni who have returned and are having a tough go?

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone is looking for any advice or insights on teaching in China, I would be very happy to give you my thoughts.

Have a fantastic day everyone!