TESOL Course with Kathy Ezard

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Kathy was so helpful right from the start. She got me registered in time and had my books waiting for me when I got there. The only reason I was able to take the course is because Kathy was so quick to respond to my e-mails.

Upon arriving in her class, I was skeptical of her relaxed teaching style. However it didn't take long for everyone in the class (including me) to completely open up. It was a relaxed and fun experience that brought everyone in the class closer together.

My biggest take away from having Kathy as my TESOL teacher was the way that she prepared us for the culture shock. She had numerous stories ready, which she would pull out to demonstrate that while teaching abroad can be fun, it can also be challenging in ways that you would have never imagined. Her method of 'bulletproofing' us was both hilarious and humbling, and really added to the course.

I would not have enjoyed this course nearly as much as I did were it not for having Kathy as my teacher.
Yes you are right she very good teacher and already did my course with i m graduated for one years and half and i want to teach in overseas for the next september for the moment i dont have idea to go but i m very interested to go in Asia for example in Thailland , Vietnam or south of China if you some idea or advise to give me for to apply in this country i m open .
Fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it. We have thousands of jobs available and urge you and anyone wanting a reputable agent and a solid job to send your resume and head/shoulder picture to toronto@globaltesol.com. We also have summer jobs in Italy, Austria and Spain - which will give someone in school the experience of working overseas while building the resume. There are also 4 month summer jobs in China. As well we have full time jobs there and a new exciting agent in Thailand! Best wishes in your pursuit of a great career and remember that our office is here and ready to place you. We are also partners with EF and can position your resume directly into their system. Cheers!
Jim Pellegrini, Director of Eastern Canada Operations and International Busiiness Development
Toronto Office