Global TESOL in Montreal Testimonial

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I attended a seminar taught by Kathy in Montreal this spring and it pretty much changed my whole outlook on education as well as human interactions in general. She's very experienced as a teacher and makes the lessons very easy to comprehend. If you attend one of her seminars, you'll probably find yourself having all sorts of flashbacks to your schooling prior to Global TESOL. You'll realize you already know the difference between good and bad teaching because you've already been subjected to effective and ineffective teaching methods. Kathy unlocks this knowledge within you. She teaches you technical information developed by other teachers as well but there really isn't too much to cram. Teaching is all about confidence and she's there to get you to think about what teaching really is and program you to make use of your intuition.

I'm going to China in few days thanks to Kathy's instruction as well as Jim's placement services. I tried responding to postings on a job board but I got some sketchy responses from recruiters who wouldn't help me get a visa. Once I authorized Jim to find me a teaching position, things just fell into place.

If you get placed through Global TESOL, the recruiter working with them will know you've completed the course but they'll need your certificates to get you a visa so I recommend doing your online specialization course ASAP so as not to waste a prospective employer's time. Check your information on the site to make sure your mailing address is correct to ensure you get your certificates on time.

All-in-all: I really can't imagine why Global TESOL wouldn't be for you if you're looking to get TESOL-certified. If you want some sort of robotic, cramming-based introduction to teaching English then the front of the classroom probably isn't for you.

Thank you, Kathy! Thank you, Jim! Thanks for reading! YOUR ADVENTURE AWAITS; TAKE THE PLUNGE!


Your real training starts the first day you teach a class and your best trainers will be your students.
Thank you Damon. We do have the best jobs in Asia and throughout the world and we help everyone steer through any potential pitfall and nightmare. Your training begins here - on the job, is experience building such as in any job. You need to be prepared before arriving, understand lesson planning, classroom management, and as many grads know - personal development and leadership training which we do. Best wishes. You are working in government schools with great perks. Anyone wish to join, please email us at as there are STILL openings for September. Come visit us at the Go GLobal Fair on Sept. 19th and 20th in Toronto!!!