December 2014 Montreal Tesol Class Kathy Ezard

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As the title suggest, I took a class with Kathy Ezard late last year and I want to mention what a great experience it was. We were a small class of 5 students but we had a blast with Kathy. It was a chill environment but for me, what I mostly enjoyed were the lessons she taught us. I'm not talking about the class itself, though that was great as well, but mostly about the reality of what to expect if we take on this challenge. She didn't try to sugarcoat things and presented it to us as they are. She wanted to prepare us not only for the job, but also for the change i environment, and open our eyes and minds to what we may not have expected.

I am currently in my job hunting process and Kathy is always ready to help. Her replies are sooner than you'd expect. Kathy teaches classes in both Ottawa and Montreal so if you live in those 2 cities or close by, I can guarantee you a great teacher who has patience, energy, creativity, knowledge, and most importantly a teacher that cares.