Non-native speaker ESL Teacher Preferred

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I worked at Mianzhu Experimental Middle School for 2 years but on September 2014 requested my employer-agency for a transfer to a high school.

The said school did not like the replacement(s) sent by the agency to them and now they are asking me for help to find my replacement. I can't get back there because I am still on contract till February 2016 at another institution.

Now I need to find a teacher:
- who may not be experienced but not necessarily very young
- a degree is required because Sichuan Province only issues work permit to degree holders
- IMPORTANT: must be approachable and friendly toward the admin and fellow teachers.
-IMPORTANT: must have genuine love for teaching and for the children's well-being.
-IMPORTANT: must not be teaching solely 'for the business' but one who understands that for the good of the children, are willing to make little sacrifices like talking and chatting and exchange pleasantries with the students fore or after class.

The school:

Located at a small town about the size of Ottawa
Clean air because it is not a manufacturing town
Cool air because of high mountains 20 kms away
A farm and orchard-land in the heart of Sichuan Province to farm fresh vegetables and tree-ripened fruits abound

School provides furnished accommodation including kitchen
Apartment is walking distance to school
Admin and fellow teachers a bit shy but extremely friendly
Easy schedule of only 14 classes per week (45 minutes each)
Very helpful teacher who coordinates with foreign teacher
An hour away from capital city of Chengdu
Opportunities for part-time classes
Choice of getting Working Visa before coming to China (a bit lengthy process) OR come with Tourist Visa then obtain Chinese Working Visa in Hong Kong or any other nearby Asian city like Singapore or Bangkok or Manila or Jakarta...

please contact me at / or