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Hi, I'm a 22 y.o. male from New Zealand currently studying to complete my 240 hour Professional TESOL Certificate, looking for a job overseas, preferably in Asia, 6 months to a year.

I have no university degree or teaching experience, but I am eager to acquire some experience at an entry-level institution.

I love travelling and have spent time in Mongolia, China and Japan. Hopefully you can give me an opportunity to travel more while allowing me to give something back :)
Hi Mathew! We can certainly place you in a great job in Asia. Please send your resume and head/shoulder picture to toronto@globaltesol.com and we will get you there as we have for hundreds before you!
Jim Pellegrini, Director - Eastern Canada Operations
Global TESOL College, Toronto, Canada
I am looking for work; just graduated from TESOL last week(24April2015). Any help will be very much appreciated: my email: schris@email.com. Thank you.
Im looking for work in South America.

Also, if someone from this site could please fix the job bank so I can search jobs, that would be much appreciated!