Kathy Ezard is a phenomenal instructor

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My name is Roderick, and I took the course in February 2013 under the instruction of Kathy Ezard. She did an amazing job teaching the course. She made sure that the information we were receiving was easy to understand, and also allowed for the entire class to become like a family through her creative teaching methods. Not only did she give all of us hope towards finding a job after the course, but she would Skype in past students that could share their stories with us. I was able to be hired by Walt Disney and am currently teaching at Disney English in Beijing, China. It would not have been possible without Kathy during and after the course. She helped me in so many ways and still continues to reach out and offer help today. I am so grateful to her and to Global Tesol, because I am out discovering the world in a way that I never thought possible.
Its Roderick again,I forgot to elaborate on the class becoming a family. Several student from my class in Las Vegas have gotten jobs overseas and are currently working in different countries. We are all still communicating, and one of the guys even came to visit me all the way in Beijing. We wouldn't even know each other if it wasn't for the class, but Kathy helped us all develop life long friendships. Thanks again Kathy.