looking for advice on a visa for china!

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Hello I've been doing some research on the different visas to enter the country.
I am a 20 year old female and have taken the tesol but to not hold a bachelors.

The sxhool I'm working with has assured me an s2(family members visiting) or m(student) visa will work.

To my knowledge these are not the visas im looking to obtain.
I am looking to not travel every 60-90 days and to have multiple entries.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!
You need to apply for a "Z" visa when going to work in China. You also neet a degree to apply for a "Z" visa. When you get to the city where you're working your will go to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) to change it to a resident visa. This visa has multiple entries and will be valid for a year. That is the law in China. But you are going to China. Each province interprets the law differently. Some provinces are given latitude to interpret the law to tailor it to meet the needs in the province. Then there is the corruption factor. There are many kindergartens that do hire without a degree.

I strongly recommend you find a school that will process the visa for you if China is your destination. You might look at a website eChinacities.com and travelchinaguide.com