Horrible School in China!!!

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People, do not work for a school named CLong, or any other variation of the name, in ANY city in China. They did not live up to the agreements found within the contract, and they were extremely disorganized. I had to come home early in my contract. DO NOT WORK FOR CLONG
Over the past 4 years the teaching situation for foreign teachers has deteriorated across the board. Pay remains about the same as it did 4 years ago. I have 4 peices of advice:
1) make sure you know what you want.
age of students for example, or the type of school; private or government
2) what kind of living conditions can you tolerate?
3) ask yourself why you are coming to teach ESL.
4) research: e-chinacities.com is a good start to finding out what expats say in China. Take it with a grain of salt though, there's a lot of compaining.