Japan teaching jobs! many questions HELP :S

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Hi i have recently just completed tesol foundation course and i already have a degree and wanting to teach in Japan and mayeb Korea.

However, i have already sent many applications for work in japan through this jobs bank but i have heard from none! and i have put through some for korea as well and heard back from 1 but then he never emailed me after.

im really keen on teaching Japan privately as i think ive already missed out on the JET programme...

does anyone know any good trustworthy job site for japan or any information about working in japan as a teacher?
i have heard of horror stories in Korea with dodgy/sneaky private companys so im wondering if its the same in japan...

any advice or info about working in Japan would be helpful please :D
Try to create an account with seriousteachers.com. Most hiring companies and schools are of good report but you still need to do some research on your own. Find forums where there is a discussion about the specific school/company.

In North America, we are always advised to create a short CV but in Asia, they don't mind long ones for as long as it sells you well. If you include online courses, don't indicate they were taken online...hiring agencies/schools sometime treat online courses as second class. Also, if you did some volunteer work, don't indicate that it was volunteer because in their vocabulary, volunteering means you are no good for a paid job.
Hi thanks for the comment. im fron New Zealand and new at this teaching thing! only just started looking into jobs feb.

i have actually donr everthing you have stated ie
long (ish) concise good CV (well i think!)
never stated online just stated tesol cert
no volunteer work

will just keep job hunting and see where it leads me!
i have just looked at the website you have given me

if anyone had/has any other good job searching sites for japan or korea please let me know? :)
Hi, you could try the EPIK/ GEPIK program in Korea, they do an intake for feb/ oct (ish) start although jobs are getting harder to obtain in Korea as they are cutting back on the number of native teachers.
I used Korean Horizons to get my job in Korea (public school only), I dont know much about the private sector but herd its pretty easy to get a job if you already in Korea.

You want to try Interac. They are the main leadesr in private ALT in Japan.
thank you for your replt and i will have a look at interac. i have had couple of interest from japan so i will find out by end of this month when i will be going! if any info regarding teaching in japan , please feel free to share with me
ie whats its like to teach in japan

thank you!
Hi Rachelle,

Just came across your post... I'm interested to know how things progressed for you? Are you in Japan, and if so, how are things going?