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Name : Talia Kalender
Date : 22 Apr 14
Subject : This experience is worth every minute!
Body : Think of this course and an investment in yourself! You'll be amazing at how much you learn about yourself as well as the growth of others. On the first day, everyone is shy and a bit hesitant, but by the end of it you come out gaining a group of lifelong friends. The instructors are amazing. Not only to they have a great sense of humor, but they know when and how to push you and your limits in order to grow and benefit from the program. Although it's intense, I feel as though the course's intensity is what makes it so effective! Remember to stay open minded, the opportunities are endless! You'll never regret taking this course! Even if you don't end up teaching abroad, you can learn so much that you can apply to your current everyday life! If I could do it all over again, I would--in a heartbeat! Talia TESOL Toronto Graduate, March 2014