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Name : Danielle
Date : 5 Feb 09
Subject : The 'Hawaii of Korea'
Body : Korea is awesome!  I absolutely love it here.  I'm teaching English as a second language with the public school system going into my second year with the government.  My first year (2006/7) was in a private institute but still a great experience.  I'm located on an island south of the mainland peninsula called Jeju Island.  It's described as the 'Hawaii of Korea'.  I live minutes from waterfalls, surfing beaches, swimming holes, scuba diving locations, snorkeling soft coral reefs, and innumerable hiking trails.  It's amazing here.  Korea has such a fascinating culture and the food is like no where else in the world.  I teach at 3 different country schools and am set up in a sweet apartment here on the island.  The salary is fantastic and I'm able to save heaps and travel most of Asia in the last 2 years on summer and winter vacation.  Mongolia, North Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore are all short flights away.