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Name : global canada
Date : 23 May 06
Subject : Thailand school happy about Global TESOL teachers
Body : Dear Andrea, My name is Peter Meltzer and I am the owner/director of Super English. We recently hired Randy, one of your students, to join our team. On several occasions he has mentioned how helpful you were to him and how you recommended that he accept a position with us. Thank you very much for sending him to us. He is an excellent, hard-working teacher. He is also very well trained, which we again credit you for. We also hired another Global Tesol graduate, Mr.Spodek. He also had strong praise for his training program. In light of both Randy and Ira's positive experiences, I am interested in talking with Global Tesol and seeing what possibilities are available for more teachers. Again, I am impressed by the high quality of your training program and am interested in working closer with Global Tesol. Thank you very much for your time and, again, sending Randy to us. He's awesome. Sincerely, Peter C. Meltzer Director, Super English