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Name : Carol
Date : 2 May 14
Subject : Recent contented and enriched TESOL graduate from Toronto location
Body : Wow, I don't know where to begin! (Also, just like a few of the previous testimonials, I'm not exactly the best with words myself). I took the TESOL foundation course in Toronto from April 23rd to April 27th, and so much has happened during those past five days that I don't even know where to start! ...Well, how about this: In a nutshell, you will have learned a number of new things regarding experiences travelling, working and staying abroad, you will laugh, you (may) cry, you will have fun participating in many spontaneous activities that will make you feel 'youthful' again (if you're not or don't feel youthful already), and you will definitely be pushed beyond your comfort zone. In other words, you certainly will be TIRED at the end! There are many in-class exercises, activities, evaluations, and discussions, but know that after all this, it will all be worth it, worth your time and worth every penny you put in. As a student, I was told this by my teacher at the beginning of the course, and this couldn't be more valuable advice: "Some of the activities that I will ask you to do may make you seem silly and may 'bring out your inner child', but don't be afraid to act silly and have fun!" That is probably one of the biggest things you should take note of when enrolling in this course. TESOL is here to help you build self-confidence as a person and to become the teacher you want to be, if you're willing to put in the TIME, EFFORT, and ENERGY. Even if you have doubts, even if you absolutely HATE standing and speaking in front of a (relatively) large group of people, know this: TESOL is a very supportive and encouraging environment. Many, or even most, of the other students in the course are likely to have the very same thoughts as you, and your teacher has probably felt that way as well. Know that the more you speak and just 'let your thoughts flow', the more comfortable you will become in front of others, and most importantly, within yourself. Don't worry if you have doubts with public speaking or feel uncomfortable acting 'silly', know that this is all just the beginning to a lifetime of opportunity, to a lifetime of experiences, and to a lifetime of adventure! Life is a self-discovery journey, and TESOL can only open new doors for you, if you're just willing to speak up when the time comes, let loose, and have fun! No regrets taking this course.