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Name : Bronwyn
Date : 1 Dec 14
Subject : Impressed with Global TESOL College!
Body : Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to both Heidy and Victor for making my time with Global TESOL College, an experience that I will forever remember! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful instructor that was able to give me so much insight and knowledge. At first when I joined the Global TESOL course I felt completely out of my comfort zone, as I had no experience and did not know what to expect. Heidy was able to make the class feel comfortable in the learning and teaching environment. She not only made it possible for me to learn, but she also managed to instill confidence and inspiration within her classroom. Victor has been a huge help throughout the entire process. When I first considered signing up a few months ago, Victor had provided me clear and detailed answers to all of my questions. He is accommodating and helps everyone on a personal level. Most of the time when you sign-up for a course through a university it can be such a hassle to get in contact with the right people but this is not the case with Global TESOL College as Victor takes pride in what he does whether it be for the school or students. Global TESOL College is very lucky to have such wonderful staff and instructors working with them! I know I would not have had the same experience if it were not for both Heidy & Victor. Thank you again for opening up so many amazing opportunities to me!