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Name : global canada
Date : 29 May 06
Subject : Hear what GTC student has to say!
Body : I would like to take this time to thank the fine folks at Global TESOL College for this course. I would especially like to thank Barrie for his hard work a dedication as my instructor. Barrie was always very helpful and prompt in his replies and corrections of my assignments. Even though I have been teaching EFL here in Korea for just over 5 years I learned so much from this course. My supervisor was shocked at the improved creativity in my classroom presentation and lesson planning from the time I started taking this. I was always told by my peers and superiors that I was a damn fine teacher but I knew I lacked creativity and resources to be a GREAT TEACHER. This course has solved that problem. As the Head Teacher at my school I am responsible for training all new teachers that arrive. The last few I trained I was much more confident in the advice I was giving. I used the knowledge from this course to help train the new teachers. Thinking back I kick myself in the butt for not taking this course sooner! I am sure this has been said countless times before, but even after 5 years of teaching experience I learned so much! This course was well worth the money I paid! It was well worth the time I put in, and man-o-man did I put in some time! If you are thinking about taking this course, stop thinking! Take it! You will not regret it!