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Name : Bharati Belmore
Date : 18 Mar 07
Subject : Global TESOL grad in South Korea
Body : Hi Everyone, My name is Bharati Belmore. I am a Global TESOl graduate. I graduated from the program back in October. I was fortunate to have both Andrea and Christina as my instructors. They are both wonderful and excellent instructors. Very helpful and let you experience the real life of teaching overseas. I am right now teaching in South Korea in one of the rural areas. For the most part I am enjoying the experience. I arrived in late February and will be here till March of next year. I love teaching the children so far, I have grades 1-10. The weekends are a little boring right now as I am in the rural areas, but I am hoping to soon meet other ESL teachers in the area and do some site seeing. Thanks Andrea and Christina for all of your help. Bharati.