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Name : Joshua Cabanlong
Date : 13 Nov 14
Subject : Global TESOL College? Great company!
Body : Hello, I just wanted to take the time to state my appreciation for this company and the representatives. The whole process from signing up, studying, taking tests, applying for jobs, and looking at contracts isn't as hard as it seems. Its a pretty fun experience. I also have to say that if you are dealing with Victor, you are in good hands. Victor is the one that helped me through EVERY process I mentioned above. He helped me and spoke with me so much that I'm starting to get to know him outside of his line of work. Vick cares. He is very transparent with what he says. He will not only tell you about the positive things that you want to hear, but he will also tell you some of the other things that you NEED to hear. If you call and he does not answer, I know for a fact that it is because he is VERY BUSY! Once I started to apply for positions, my inbox started overflowing with offers! I almost couldn't keep up. The kind of advise that he has given me, shows that he wants to be there for the people part of the program, not just as a representative to talk to over the phone, but to make sure you understand everything you need to know, and make sure that whatever goals you are chasing, are accomplished! Thanks Victor for a great experience going forward. Josh Cabanlong