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Name : Kha
Date : 28 Apr 14
Subject : Experience from Global TESOL
Body : Hello everyone, I'm really not great with words and honestly, after the experience I had after taking this one week program it really is hard to put it into words of how great it was. This experience will last with me for a lifetime and is only the beginning to many more experiences that I am eagerly awaiting to have. For those who graduated, you know where I am coming from. For those who are debating this program, for those who are indecisive and cannot find good enough reasons to make yourself do this, take it from me….YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE…this class was the inspiration I was looking for to help me make my next life decision. I promise everyone who is considering this program that this is nothing you will regret. The people you meet will hopefully become long life friends and travel buddies. The experience you gain will last longer than a life time. I'm so excited to take the next step after this program and I definitely recommend it to everyone and anyone who has landed on this website! My experience was amazing and I still think about it!! (4 weeks later) Best wishes to everyone!!! KD