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Name : A grad from toronto
Date : 9 Sep 10
Subject : August 2010 course in Toronto
Body : I am a happy and confident graduate of Global TESOL College’s August 2010 course in downtown Toronto. We were about 15/20 students under the expert guidance and council of Jim Pellegrini, who taught us not only the techniques to teach ESL abroad, but exactly how the worldwide system of teaching English works (contracts, legislation, safety) and – more importantly – Jim turned us all into empowered teachers: confident of our abilities; comfortable with our skills and the teaching environment; free from fear and self-doubt. It is this final point which, for me, and the rest of my class, was the most important and essential. I had never fully realized how my own self-criticism held me back. How terrible I used to be to myself, if only quietly: reminding myself of past failures, and all the reasons why I wouldn’t be good at that; why I would fail. I am very skeptical, as I am sure most people are, of a 5-day course that advertizes to “change your life” – but this really did. It is not as if the heavens opened and I was granted freedom and immortality, but I did learn that we have an incredible gift; that it can and should be used it for good; that my gift as a kind and caring and patient and intelligent teacher can take me around the world. Jim is a lighthouse in what can be a very difficult and complicated world. He gives you the tools to access the strength, brilliance and creativity inside yourself. After this course you will be certified with an internationally recognized college to teach English overseas. You will learn how to access thousands of jobs from employers who know about and respect your TESOL certification. You will get offers from all around the world and be able to pick and choose where to go, with the knowledge and skills to differentiate a good opportunity from an amazing one. You will be able to go into a classroom anywhere and conduct a fun, exciting and informative class. But, more importantly, you will gain confidence and an intimate knowledge of your own personal skill-set. Jim will make you believe in the power within yourself and in your students.